Plane Cute!!

While I do love to be creative and come up with new cute ideas for things, I have to say my sister seems to be able to do it effortlessly. I recently had my baby shower for the soon to be new addition to the family. My mother and sister hosted it. They graciously transfered the location to the hospital room I was currently occupying at the time due to some complications. But the party went on without a hitch regardless of the unusual setting.  With colorful paper made airplanes decorated the room, we laughed, played games and at one point all paused for a large contraction. My husband is an aircraft mechanic and absolutely consumed with the love of airplanes. So fitting as it was, the favors were, yes, airplanes. As this is a difficult item to find at any store, my sisters creativity really shown through. Out of gum, mints and smarties, she assembled the cutest little plane favors complete with information cards attached to the bottom. They were too good not to share.


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