Florence and the Machine + Chanel = Magic!

So, first of all, this is most likely old news for a lot of people but I just found out today so I had to write on it. Not only did Chanel produce an amazing 2012 Spring RTW collection back in October of 2011, but they had Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine singing! If you don’t know who Florence and the Machine are, you need to check it out. Florence is an amazing singer with such passion and intensity; I can’t help but get caught up in every song. I really appreciate when a singer with a uniquely distinct voice shines through.  Her music is not mainstream and you probably won’t find it on the top 40 list, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Finding out she sang for the Chanel collection was two of my favorite things colliding into one magnificent masterpiece. She has a new CD out which is fabulous; however, their last one is just as good. You could definitely say the music has been an inspiration for me. The first time I ever heard her sing was on a very rare occasion of watching SNL. I turned to my husband and said, “Who is that? I love it!” I went out right away and bought the CD. Ever since, her music has served as a vehicle for getting those creative juices flowing. She has inspired me to let go of fear and hesitation and pursue my love. I have posted the video of her Chanel performance below. Please do check it out.


One thought on “Florence and the Machine + Chanel = Magic!

  1. How insanely magical is that!?
    I have her new CD too and it’s just so ethereal and beautiful.
    I love what Chanel has done with this show as well, completely not your typical catwalk.

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