The REAL dilemma

A few months ago, I was antique shopping in the cute town of Prescott, Arizona. It was towards the end of the day and I hadn’t found much of interest when I came upon a blue denim bag in one of the booths. There were no other bags in that particular booth and I had to wind around the old furniture and clothing racks to get a better look. There, hanging on the back wall was a bag covered with the letters LV. My first reaction consisted of two questions: How much? and What is real? The fist answer was easy to figure out. I flipped over the white tag to read $15.  It was time for some more investigation to figure out the answer to my second question. I took the bag to the front of the store where the other designer purses, including the knock offs, were locked in glass cases. Why was this one away from the others? The sales ladies were very kind and explained that particular booth was run by an elderly man and perhaps he wasn’t familiar with Louis Vuitton. They gave me a quick rundown of the basics on fake vs. real, and my find seemed more and more like the real thing. I figured, what could I loose for $15, right? I purchased the bag and there began my LV education. I spent hours upon hours scouring the internet to find out if mine was truly the real thing. It became my project or as some of my friends would say, an obsession. I read forums, articles and watched YouTube videos giving demonstrations on how to certify your LV. I even found a guy who you could send in various pictures of your bag and for $10 he would tell you if you bought a fake. No, I didn’t go there. After days and weeks of research, I discovered two things. One: I was now an expert on spotting a fake a mile away. Two: My particular bag, while a fantastic replica, was not real. I was heartbroken. It had fit in every category there was for being the real deal. The only problem?  I couldn’t find my exact bag in any LV collection. I found the collection that introduced the denim version, but none were a perfect match. Where I did finally find it was on a replica website. Of course, considering the replicas were selling for $200 and I got mine for a steal, it was still a fake.

I am now stuck with the dilemma of what to do with it. I’m not one to sport a fake, but it also seems wrong to sell it. I could probably fool about 99% of the people out there, but I would know. I would always know.

Not all is lost however. I do pride myself now on being able to spot a fake on the spot and it’s almost become a game. When I see the girl with the huge LV tote and I can tell at first glance it’s a fake, I really do get a sense of satisfaction. I have also been inspired to save up for a real one. Now my only problem is picking out which one to buy!


3 thoughts on “The REAL dilemma

  1. I’m sorry your bag turned out to be fake 😦 I’m not one to carry fake handbags, either, and I have also educated myself a lot on the subject. But, even purses that follow all the “guidelines” can be replicas, and some fakes are so good that not even experts can discern which one is real. So, I just always save up and spend at the store. My name is registered at the LV store, and if anything goes wrong, I have a lifetime guarantee. Even an authentic bag at a consignment store won’t come with that guarantee. Even replica handbags that say they’re fake are still $200-400 online, so I would rather just wait and save and get the real thing. Thanks for such an informative post. There is also a site called the purse forum that I’m sure you’ve heard of that can help, also.
    XOXO, Janie

  2. Honestyly, I would figure out how to destroy the bag and have one less replica out there. I hate to see people carrying fakes because I believe it hurts the very designers that they are purporting to support. There is a great website run by Harper’s Bazaar called Fakes are Never in Fashion and they do a great job of explaining the consequences of people buying counterfeit merchandise. Let’s face it, everyone would rather say fake because it doesn’t sound as seedy as counterfeit, but that is what this is. Good luck and I am really proud of you for educating yourself and being able to tell the difference between a real and counterfeit bag!

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