Madonna’s Super Moment

I have to admit I was looking forward to the Superbowl this year more than any other. As a Madonna fan since I was old enough to know what music was, the half time show was highly anticipated. Hearing rumors that Madonna was out to create a spectacular show, while being the most nervous she has ever been, I knew it was an event not to miss. True to Madonna form, she entered the stage in super star style wearing a gold robe being carried out by an army of well toned men. I absolutely loved the costumes and Egyptian theme! The video feed on the field was extraordinary and the dancers were, as always, perfect. Although Madonna looked a little stiff for most of the performance(probably from nerves!!) and it was pretty obvious she was lip singing, I thought she produced the most extravagant and entertaining half time show I’ve ever seen.  She sang the classics and of course, the new stuff, looked fabulous and made me proud.



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