New Favorite Nail Polish Color

In the past, when I get a pedicure, I usually go with the safe red/pink tone. Sometimes I will even go neutral with a brown or cream. It was time to put the safe bets to an end and have some fun. This year is about bright and bold and nail polish is no exception. Perhaps with all the blue I have been around with the birth of my son, or it coincides with the longing to be outside in the bright blue when on bed rest. Either way, blue was a beautiful color to begin the boldness of the new year. Each brand has their own versions and shades. I chose a deep dark shade to start with and the result was fabulous. I absolutely love them. I contemplated posting a pic of my newly painted toes, but I have a thing about feet and I couldn’t get myself to do it. Instead, I have picked some of my favority blue shades of polish and some cute accessories to wear with it.

Deep Blue

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