Oscars Overview

\There were so many great Oscar moments this year and I’m going to attempt to mention the majority of them. The obvious choice of shout outs are of course the Red Carpet Fashion. There were a lot of really great looks, but there were a few who stood out from the crowd. First off, I have to say I was absolutely shocked by Tina Fay.  What an amazing gown by Carolina Herrera and she wore it like the classy lady we all knew she really is. Her fabulousness(not a real word – I know) didn’t end there. Not only was the gown a smash, so was that up-do. I can honestly say my mouth dropped when she came on the screen. Bravo Tina. Bravo. My other favorite was Michelle Williams in a stunning red Louis Vuitton. Also, she is one of the few who can rock that gown with the extreme short boy cut. Last on my list is Gwyneth Paltrow in amazing Tom Ford. The simplicity is really what made it so spectacular. When she first appeared on the red carpet, she had a gorgeous ankle length cape which was shed for her appearance as presenter.

As expected, Billy Crystal was a humorous gracious host who didn’t disappoint with his best motion picture musical number. I love how he laughed at his own jokes, but only slightly. He is proof that once a great host, always a great host.

My favorite funny moment, however, did not come from Mr. Crystal. Surprisingly enough it was created with no words from an unlikely source. While Angelina Jolie was presenting, she made it a point to accentuate her long leg with the high slit in her dress. She struck a distinctive pose which was then mimicked by the Oscar winner Jim Rash. It may have been seen as bad taste by some, but I seriously laughed out loud. I hear rumor there is now a twitter account for Angelina’s leg. Please tell me it’s not so.

My favorite 2012 Oscar person, however, goes to Emma Stone. She not only looked fantastic in her red Giambattista Valli gown with oversized bow, she portrayed a relaxed confidence that just can’t be faked. She exuded a carefree spirit while being interviewed on the red carpet, and gave an “Oscar worthy” performance during her time as presenter alongside Ben Stiller. I really hope she does another film soon so I can see her again at the 2013 Oscars.

All in all, I was pleased with the show. The Artist was a great choice for best picture. I was happy to see the Academy give props to a more non-traditional choice. Also, Hugo sure did bring home it’s fair share. I might actually have to see it now.


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