My 5 Favorite Things Getting me Through

While I belive daily inspiration is needed to stay motivated, what if your stuck in bloggers block? I’ve been in a rut for the past week and although I’ve made my motivation board, set up an editorial calendar and written a list of possible blog topics, I still can’t seem to get it down in an interesting post. Even reading my March issue of Vogue has fallen flat. This really goes to show that not getting a good night sleep can really effect those creative juices. I love my little man, but waking up every 2-3 hours for feedings is really a strain on my brain. I have never been the type to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Lately, however, I have found myself falling asleep without warning and sometimes while sitting up! But enough complaining. I have always had the mentality that if you are going to complain about something, then you also need to DO something about it. Complaining is good to become aware of an issue, however, apart from that, it can be entirely counterproductive. It can also lead to negative thoughts and the “not good enough” thinking. In an effort to counteract the threat of this downward spiral, I’m taking a minute to recognize what I am thankful for. I may not have the brain power to come up with new content, but I can definitely appreciate what is already there for me, getting me through the day.

1. Florence and the Machine’s CD Lungs: Current favorite CD that has found a permanent spot in my car CD player. So much so, that my 7-year-old daughter now also now knows all the words to all the songs. It makes me smile to hear her singing in the back seat.

2. iPhone 4: Sure it’s not the new 4S with the splendid Suri that everyone is raving about, my iPhone 4 is just what I need. Being about to check my emails, voicemails, bank account,  my blog, latest runway show, and play the occasional game of Words With Friends, without leaving my couch has been a godsend.

3. Guess jeans: When I first became pregnant, my mother happen to obtain her goal of losing some weight. YAY mom. Anyways, knowing I would be expanding due to baby, she gave me some of her nicer pieces that were now too big for her. One of these inheritance were a pair of Guess Jeans. Although I didn’t wear them much when I was prego, since the baby has been born, they are the only jeans that seem to fit! While this could be a very depressing thought, I feel extremely lucky to have my only pair of fitting jeans to be so fabulous. As I am working to hopefully create a body where the jeans will be too big once again, in the meantime, I’m enjoying them.

4. Vogue and Vanity Fair: OK, so this is 2 things, but they go hand in hand. My two absolutely favorite magazines have and continue to be my window into the outside world of classic fashion. Vogue is great for high fashion and fun articles. Vanity Fair satisfies my intellectually savvy need. The articles are more on the political side, however, never without flare and style.

5. Fresh cut flowers: One thing I have been doing one a regular basis, is having fresh-cut flowers in the house. I don’t spend a ton of money. Trader Joes has great bouquets for $3.99 – doesn’t get any better. Whenever I catch myself staring at the blank walls and wishing I had the energy to start the decorating process in our new house, I bring my eyes over to the beautiful flowers on my kitchen table. I make sure to get a bright colorful selection and it always lifts my spirits.

So there you have it. I guess you could say it’s my current survival guide to get through the sleepless nights and zombified existence I currently find myself in. Although it is difficult, my new little guy is worth all of it…and more.


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