The Sea – Fashion Collection

My first girls night outing since the baby was to one of my favorite places in town, the Phoenix Art Museum. The curator of the Fashion Gallery was giving a talk on the current collection The Sea. I have always loved the water and to combined the two in a collection sounded divine. We were taken through the centuries by the sea and how history and acceptability have transformed the fashions. I loved seeing the designers inspirations. The collection ranged from the mid 1800’s to current day. I stole a few clicks of my favorites. The red and white vintage swim suite in contrast with Chanel’s latest collection including the terry cloth jacket. It was also a treat to view one of Chanel’s dresses in which I just saw in the pages of the latest Vogue. Pardon the poor picture quality. I was using my phone in an attempt to be discrete.

The collection as a whole was both beautiful and educational. Next up on the exhibition list for the fall is the 1920’s. You better believe I won’t miss that one either!


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