New iPhone case!


My new iPhone case came today and I absolutely love it. Sure it was a bit shameful to get one match my business cards but I really don’t care. I’m ready to give this business all I have and if I fall on my face so be it. At least I went for it. I’ve never been more happy with my decision to quit my day job and do what I love. Take care of my family and start my own business!! You have to be a little nuts if you want to succeed in what you love, right?
Here is the link to the shop if your curious ūüôā Vintage Divine


Etsy Shop Grand Re-Openning

About a year ago I tried to open a store on If you’re not¬†familiar with this site, you really need the check it out. They sell handmade, vintage, antique¬†items¬†and supplies. It really is remarkable what you can find. I started dabbling in jewelry making awhile back and with NO idea what I was doing, I started up a little shop on etsy call Paradise Tree. Needless to say, it was not very successful. My pictures were horrible and since I was just starting out making jewelry, the quality was not the best. It’s been over a year now and I have learned quite a bit. I’ve learned that a good camera goes a long way and patience is still a great virtue. I have also teamed up with my wonderfully creative sister who makes gorgeous hair flowers. We have both sold our items locally to family, friends and through salons and events, however, we have joined forces online and reopened the Paradise Tree Etsy shop. We also included some vintage dresses which will probably end up in a different etsy store eventually. Just testing the waters on that one¬†at the moment.


I’m very excited about the new store and hope you will¬†check it out. Give advise, tell me if you like it, tell me if it sucks, either way – check it out! You can visit the¬†shop by clicking on THIS LINK, or click on the image on my side bar to take you there.

Uniquely Engaged

With February brings Valentine’s Day and romance, love and proposals! With modern technology, there have become many unique and exciting ways to propose. When getting that one in a million proposal, shouldn’t the ring be just as unique? I have come across some engagement rings in which I felt fit the “unique” tag line.


Year of the Dragon

January 23rd marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and goes for 15 days. Now that sounds like a party. With 2012 being the year of the dragon, I wanted to see what was out there to celebrate. While at first, the selection was a bit gothic and deep, I was determined to find a fun alternative so off to I went….

Click on the pick to take you to the etsy page

Trifari 1942 Ming Dragon Brooch

Dragon with blue moldavite pendant Necklace

Gladys- girls skirt, size 7-9

Kitchen it Orange

I’ve recently had this obsession with the Orange Kitchen. There is something about it that’s fun, classic and stylish all at the same time. At first, I was afriad my husband would veto the idea, but to my surprise he liked it!¬† Now, the planning starts. I have spent time looking at online designs and ideas. There are modern designs, country and retro. I have to say, I’m leaning towards the country version of this kitchen as it gives a softer, homey feel. If anyone has an orange kitchen that they would like to share, please do!! I will keep posted of the progress.