Mama’s got a brand new bag

Ok, so my vintage bag isn’t brand new, but it’s new to me! Every season I get a new handbag, however, I usually get some cheap TJ Maxx version. This year I was determined to break the cycle. I have been very addicted to woven leather lately and I wanted to continue this trend into my new handbag. As a very busy mother of two, my handbags need to be easy to carry, functional and big enough to fit everything without feeling like I’m carrying a piece of luggage. This always presents a challenge, but one I was ready to take on.  As I combed the pages of etsy, I honed in on the genuine leather midsize vintage selection. Once I saw it on Starlets Vintage, I knew it was the one. It met all of my requirements and my price! I pressed the check out button and waited patiently for my package to arrive. Yesterday my wait was over as I eagerly opened the box. I was so excited. It felt like Christmas. My 8-year-old daughter watched me dance around the house with the beautiful vintage bag on my arm and told me I was “SO weird” but I didn’t care. I am very pleased with my new addition and will wear it proudly.



A Vintage Affair

My sister and I have started a vintage shop online which I have written about previously. We are having so much fun with it, it doesn’t really even feel like work!  We were lucky enough to show our dresses at a swing dance event last month here in Phoenix. We got to talk clothes and show off our fab vintage styles.

Beginning of the Germany Collection

It may have been 115 degrees outside yesterday, but that didn’t detur us one bit! As promised in my previous post, I picked up Olivia from her first day of school and headed straight for Ulta with my coupon in hand. Once we entered the fabulously air-conditioned store, we immediately saw the OPI Germany nail polish display. It was very hard not to grab every color but we settled on three for now. Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! which is a fantastic deep smokey gray with a hint of army green when applied. Berlin There Done That is a creamy neutral coffee tone. Unfor-greta-bly Blue is a bright, bold deep blue which I chose as my first one to show off. We are going camping(in a trailer of course) this weekend with my husband’s family, so we will see how well it holds up. I promised myself I would wait to continue my collection when I get another coupon or perhaps a sale? Here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later!


Nails a La Germany

ImageCurrently on my fridge(among many other things) is the ad for OPI’s Germany collection that comes out tomorrow. I’m so excited for this collection and I’m having to fight the urge to go and buy every color! I know I definitely want the Nein! Nein! Neig! Ok Fine!, Schnapps Out of It! and Berlin There Done That. Perhaps this will have to be an “over time” collection achievement. My husband would have a few words if I came home with all 12 colors. It’s my daughter’s first day at her new school tomorrow and I have promised to wait until I pick her up before making the trip to Ulta. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a nail polish collection before but I’m thoroughly enjoying the anticipation it brings.


I was scrolling the Pinterest boards I follow and saw some fabulous floral flats. It really got me thinking about floral and how I miss the 90’s.  Most of all, watching Daria and expanding my Doc Martin’s collection. For years the 90’s were thought to be the worst fashion years, however, with their recent comeback, some are changing their tune. They were bold, fun and colorful. Just like the music. HA! Which I also enjoyed and still do.  Now I wish I would have saved some of my baby doll dresses and denim button-ups. You know, the ones I swore were a mistake and never would wear again. I should have known better.  I’ve rummaged through some of my favorite 90’s moments. Fun times.


The Sea – Fashion Collection

My first girls night outing since the baby was to one of my favorite places in town, the Phoenix Art Museum. The curator of the Fashion Gallery was giving a talk on the current collection The Sea. I have always loved the water and to combined the two in a collection sounded divine. We were taken through the centuries by the sea and how history and acceptability have transformed the fashions. I loved seeing the designers inspirations. The collection ranged from the mid 1800’s to current day. I stole a few clicks of my favorites. The red and white vintage swim suite in contrast with Chanel’s latest collection including the terry cloth jacket. It was also a treat to view one of Chanel’s dresses in which I just saw in the pages of the latest Vogue. Pardon the poor picture quality. I was using my phone in an attempt to be discrete.

The collection as a whole was both beautiful and educational. Next up on the exhibition list for the fall is the 1920’s. You better believe I won’t miss that one either!

Vintage Dresses!

While new fashion is exciting, I love to reminisce of the earlier years and reinvent the past. As an indulgence, my sister and I have opened up a new vintage dress shop Alli Vintage on etsy. While we currently have an inventory of primarily dresses, I hope to add shoes, purses and more in order to create some fantastic full ensembles. Here are some of my current favorites.

Vintage Dress - Coffee Shop Junkie

Vintage Dress - Hawaiian Hautie

Vintage Dress - You Can Call Me Marilyn