6 Months Today!

I can’t believe it. Gavin is 6 months old today! He is rolling over and so close to sitting up on his own. As very happy baby, his smile warms my heart and gets me through the days when he only feels like crying. While most everyone thinks he is a spitting image of my husband, I like to think there is some of me waiting to come out. It’s fun to think about what he will be like when he gets older. As for now, I love being able to spend my days with him and watch him learn and grow.


Baby News

I have been out of commission the past few days but I swear I have a good excuse. I had the baby! Gavin Matthew Larson was born on Friday, February 10th. My beautiful baby boy is such a peanut. He is a little over 5lbs but man can he belt out scream that fills the whole house! Although the pregnancy was rough with complications and bed rest, it was so extremely worth it! He is definitely the world’s best Valentine’s Day present.

To be honest, I was terrified of the responsibility of having two kids in the house. The surprise has been, however, is that it’s a wonderful experience. My seven-year old daughter, Olivia, loves being a big sister and my husband has been extremely fabulous through midnight feedings and diaper changes. While taking care of him during these first few days have been exhausting and at times, a little frustrating(all you nursing mom’s feel my pain), the whole experience of having him home with us has given me a new sense of purpose in the quest to follow my dreams. He is truly a blessing.


Snug Science Giveaway from Indulge!

The amazing blog Indulge – Travel, Adventure and New Experiences written by Lesley Carter is having a fantastic giveaway! The Snug is the cutest cold weather solution I have every seen. Not only should you check out the giveaway, check out the rest of her blog. She posts wonderfully written reviews of her travels across the world…and the pics aren’t too shabby either!

Be sure to check out her site for the giveaway and let me know what you think of her blog!


Thanks and good luck!

Plane Cute!!

While I do love to be creative and come up with new cute ideas for things, I have to say my sister seems to be able to do it effortlessly. I recently had my baby shower for the soon to be new addition to the family. My mother and sister hosted it. They graciously transfered the location to the hospital room I was currently occupying at the time due to some complications. But the party went on without a hitch regardless of the unusual setting.  With colorful paper made airplanes decorated the room, we laughed, played games and at one point all paused for a large contraction. My husband is an aircraft mechanic and absolutely consumed with the love of airplanes. So fitting as it was, the favors were, yes, airplanes. As this is a difficult item to find at any store, my sisters creativity really shown through. Out of gum, mints and smarties, she assembled the cutest little plane favors complete with information cards attached to the bottom. They were too good not to share.