New iPhone case!


My new iPhone case came today and I absolutely love it. Sure it was a bit shameful to get one match my business cards but I really don’t care. I’m ready to give this business all I have and if I fall on my face so be it. At least I went for it. I’ve never been more happy with my decision to quit my day job and do what I love. Take care of my family and start my own business!! You have to be a little nuts if you want to succeed in what you love, right?
Here is the link to the shop if your curious 🙂 Vintage Divine


Cinderellas Wish Shoes on Etsy

With Etsy being my new favorite site, I came across the most gorgeous shoes ever! They are custom masterpieces that are made to order in every size. Although the $610 price tag is a bit steep, these truly are any princess’s dream.

My Lookbook, WordPress, Kryz Uy Rant

Since I can’t go through the easy to use lookbook post to your blog tool to show my favorite looks because I have a wordpress blog and it doesn’t accept java, I’m doing it this way. Here is the pic…if you click on it, it should take you to the site. I’m a little frustrated with wordpress right now but what can I do. It has it’s pros and cons like anything else. ANYWAYS…this is Kryz Uy and I absolutely love everything she puts on Lookbook. Here is one of my current favorites.

Sheinside Chiffon Skirt, So Fab Floral Wedges, Sm Accessories Pearl Earrings And Ring

Took the twitter plunge!

So I did it. I’m now on twitter. I was a bit hesitant at first because it seemed like a lot of maintenance and there are tweets coming at you from all directions. How do you keep up?! However, I am a person that embraces change so I thought let’s go for it. I have even added the follow me button! Movin up, movin up 🙂 So, if you have twitter, please support this leap and follow me!

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What I see in 2012 Spring RTW

I love to look through all the latest runway shows and see what the trends are. Often times, looks come and go pretty quickly. Sometimes they are so obscure that we look at them and say “What were they thinking?!”

Many of the looks get simplified and replicated by less expensive designers and show up in the department and discount chain stores. Some designers can get annoyed with this downstream marketing, however, others feel imitation is the best form of flattery.

Often times it can be difficult to know what will stick and what will be forgotten. Movies and celebrities help in this sense as well. If the designer is lucky enough to have a celebrity love their clothes, wear them and promote them, it instant success. Many looks have been seen for the first time in a movie and have taken off. Political wives also play a big part in setting trends from Jackie O to Michelle Obama.

When looking for possible trends, I try to see look out for repetition and practicality. For example, if there is an idea or color theme that is present throughout many different collections and it is an idea the average shopper could pull off for the office or a night out, that is a good place to start.

I have begun to look through the latest 2012 Spring RTW collections and picked out a couple consistencies which I have put together below. Only the future will show whether or not these trends will play out, but it’s always fun to predict. In fact, it’s one of my favorite past times.

 I noticed quite a bit of pastel, however, nothing was more evident than pastel pink in all it’s wonderous shades…

While sheers were popular, I also saw many with the large knitted lace look…

…and to go along with the lace were 3D flowers in all shapes and sizes.

What’s out that I haven’t heard of….

With it being fashion week frenzy all over the world, I love to visit and check out the names I’ve never heard of. This time around, I stumbled upon Vena Cava’s Spring 2012 collection. The team consists of Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock who are New York designers producing 15 collections over the past eight years. It’s a shame I haven’t found them until today. Thier clothes are both fun and practical. Two traits I always admire in a designer. I have included some of my top picks below. I highly recommend checking them out.

Year of the Dragon

January 23rd marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and goes for 15 days. Now that sounds like a party. With 2012 being the year of the dragon, I wanted to see what was out there to celebrate. While at first, the selection was a bit gothic and deep, I was determined to find a fun alternative so off to I went….

Click on the pick to take you to the etsy page

Trifari 1942 Ming Dragon Brooch

Dragon with blue moldavite pendant Necklace

Gladys- girls skirt, size 7-9