Mama’s got a brand new bag

Ok, so my vintage bag isn’t brand new, but it’s new to me! Every season I get a new handbag, however, I usually get some cheap TJ Maxx version. This year I was determined to break the cycle. I have been very addicted to woven leather lately and I wanted to continue this trend into my new handbag. As a very busy mother of two, my handbags need to be easy to carry, functional and big enough to fit everything without feeling like I’m carrying a piece of luggage. This always presents a challenge, but one I was ready to take on.  As I combed the pages of etsy, I honed in on the genuine leather midsize vintage selection. Once I saw it on Starlets Vintage, I knew it was the one. It met all of my requirements and my price! I pressed the check out button and waited patiently for my package to arrive. Yesterday my wait was over as I eagerly opened the box. I was so excited. It felt like Christmas. My 8-year-old daughter watched me dance around the house with the beautiful vintage bag on my arm and told me I was “SO weird” but I didn’t care. I am very pleased with my new addition and will wear it proudly.



What’s out that I haven’t heard of….

With it being fashion week frenzy all over the world, I love to visit and check out the names I’ve never heard of. This time around, I stumbled upon Vena Cava’s Spring 2012 collection. The team consists of Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock who are New York designers producing 15 collections over the past eight years. It’s a shame I haven’t found them until today. Thier clothes are both fun and practical. Two traits I always admire in a designer. I have included some of my top picks below. I highly recommend checking them out.